4 People Who GIVE a DAMN

There is hope. I'm seeing it! People are starting to give a damn. More importantly, thoughts and observations are motivating actions. People are reacting.

I recently discovered GOOD.

Here's the 101:
¨In a world where things too often don't work, GOOD seeks a path that does. Left. Right. In. Out. Greed. Altruism. Us. Them. These are the defaults and they are broken. We are the alternative model. We are the reasonable people who give a damn. No dogma. No party lines. No borders. We care about what works-- what is sustainable, prosperous, productive, creative, and just --- for all of us and each of us. This isn't easy, but we are not afraid to fail. We'll figure it out as we go.¨ 

Show the GOOD in you.

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