CDL in Effect

To be passionate about something is to invest in your art -- I believe
each individual has an internal compass which guides them to explore
the world.

Compass Don't Lie (CDL) originates from the idea that there is a compass
that guides us to discover our affinities and inclinations toward places,
people, things, and ideas. These affinities nurture our soul and in turn create
a map of our life.
So I happily blame my compass for constantly inspiring me to seek art.

For me art is a form of expression which can be communicated through
various mediums and disciplines.

I see creativity in people, in words (written and spoken), in sounds, in places,
in food, and in anything that makes me move.

The goal of CDL is to share the creative, innovative, sustainable, beautiful,
unique, and precious-- with a good dosage of random delights.

¨The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience¨
- Emily Dickinson

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  • Polyglot
  • Refined palate, enjoy discovering cultures through cuisine
  • Habitual worldwide traveller, despite a strong dislike for planes
  • Professional innovator and creative 
  • Favorite word < initiate >
  • Morning routine < coffee > with a preference to Melange!
  • Looking for the unconventional
  • Impulsed by --> If not now, then when?

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