Week of Wien Design Recap

Thank goodness for communications and technology. Although I was not able to attend the events in Vienna for Design Week 2011--< check out in Wien ist was los >--, the media has given me a pretty good idea of the success the Austrian capital had with the many events/discussions that took place to promote and support design. Horay (p.s. Vienna Design Week 2012... we have a date.) 

Let's start with a visual introduction, shall we? 

Plenty of discussions and wonderful presentations, here are a few:


When I was younger, I remember my parents making the house and my room child-proof. Some of those precautions weren't the most stylish nor sustainable options at the time. Actually, my parents were quite creative. Still didn't stop me from climbing on some furniture though, haha! KIDSROOMZOOM Design seeks to design on the subject of children. Their pieces are beautiful and must admit that even as an adult I'd play with them too! 

Goal: To make adults put themselves at the same level as their youngsters and question the positioning  and children's access to furniture and every day objects. Ecology, value consciousness, and responsibility for the coming generations are concepts that play an instrumental role here.

kidsroomZOOM - Design für Kinder 
© Kollektiv Fischka
kidsroomZOOM - Design für Kinder 
© Kollektiv Fischka
2) Cafe´ Sonja 

Vienna is known for its coffeehouse culture and delicious coffee (aaaah what I won't do right now for a good viennese melange). Cafe´ Sonja is an extension of  traditional Cafe´ Drechsler in the Vienna 2nd District. Design Team from PostlerFerguson worked on the design of the space for the cafe´. Designed by Designers for Designers as the cafe´ is a local hang out spot for creative minds alike.

images via PostlerFerguson

3) Grüne Erde 

Designing without the senses? Nonsense. It's all about taste, smell, see, hear. That's right. Designing for the senses baby. Grüne Erde had an exhibition in Mariahilfer Strasse to ignite the senses with raw materials. They called it Sensual. Sensible. 
I say, ¨let's live organically¨!

© Grüne Erde