Chocolate a la Mode

 Technically speaking, there are only 4 major food groups. Let´s review:

1) Milk Chocolate
2) Dark Chocolate
3) White Chocolate
4) Chocolate truffles 

If only, right? Maybe we should reconsider the current food pyramid and swap for the above!?! Okay, I'm dreaming in chocolate, but that's nothing new. Haha! 

So instead, I propose implementing chocolate fashion. It's been done before, but see what was crafted in Shanghai, China (yes, it covered all my major food groups). 





Innovation and design at its best form of nutrition. Could you ask for anything else? Didn't think so :)
Just imagine, get a little hungry, tug at your dress and violaaaa... a delicious snack! Not sure how the refill part of this scheme would work... but minor details to address with the designers.

5 Designers worked on these art pieces. Taiwan-native Kang Yen-Ling, Hsu Feng-Yu, Lin Guodong, Shanghai-based Helen Lee, and Beijing-born Tan Siyuan. 

The base of the designs are fabric, but the accessories are all chocolate. YUMMY! 

Wishing you an amazing week ahead  ♥ 


  1. haha YES, so true. there's only one true thing: chocolate. my best friends dad has an exclusive chocolate boutique and manufactory, i get to eat the best chocolates ever... yumm. //dariadaria

  2. i can only agree! dark chocolate is my favorite.

    thanks for the birthday wishes!

    ciao! leyla.