Working Together, Saving Tomorrow Today

... is the theme for the United Nations climate conference in Durban, South Africa which ended today, Sunday, December 11. Ironically, on Saturday night, a 6.5 - magnitude earthquake impacted Mexico's  western Guerrero state, making buildings tremble. Fear + panic spread throughout the region.

In Canada, on December 8, tourists witnessed a male polar bear eating a cub, an incident linked to a theory of cannibalism caused by climate change. Climate change is melting the bear's Arctic hunting grounds forcing then to survive on land for longer. This, therefore, leads the starving animals to turn on their own for food.

2011 experienced extreme weather... flooding, heat waves, wildfire, and droughts. Fact: extreme weather is a result of climate change. 

Are we willing to continue on this path of self destruction? It's time to put actions into words. If the intention is to save tomorrow, by all means take action today-- take this commitment to heart and do what is right! In case you weren't aware, doing what is right takes more courage than doing wrong. As a society that inhabits this planet, we require a sense of urgency and immediate accountability for actions (from corporate polluters to government). It's not the people who require protection, it is the planet who is beckoning for our attention and protection. We no longer take the time to appreciate natures wonders nor to respect the ground we walk on. 

The reality is this: temperatures continue to rise... business as usual.

via Ferdi Rizkiyanto
via Ferdi Rizkiyanto
via Ferdi Rizkiyanto
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