RoadKILL Couture

All life begins. Miraculously, living things have a moment in which they become ¨alive¨. That beginning of life marks the first indication on the circle of life.  After that point, there is a journey that eventually transcends to ¨death¨. This concept was made tangible at a particular point in my life. And then of course I also recall being a toddler watching the Lion King, sobbing to my mother as I cried for Mufasa's (Simba's father) death.

The truth is that death is part of life, but the topic of ¨death¨can a sensitive one for individuals. So for me it was intriguing to discover Jess Eaton's project entitled Road Kill Couture. The juxtaposition of roadkill and fashion can be strange and even a bit gruesome at first thought, but let's explore the idea!

Jess Eaton has created a couture collection of garments made out of pelts and feathers of animals that have died of natural causes (victims of roadkill). No animal was harmed or killed for the collection and all materials used would normally be burned, rot away, or discarded as waste.  Eaton says, ¨The collection will hopefully give people food for thought on lots of different levels and give a further life to beautiful things we usually discard.¨

In an industry stereotyped for its insensitivity and environmental impact, this approach to fashion is re-defining what sustainability can actually mean...

Images via Jess Eaton

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