Snowy Wall - Part 1

Forgive me if this post is rather nerdy... I'm a fan of history and my tendencies toward nostalgia increase when I am in the presence of historical monuments {Great Wall}. It's breathe taking and inspiring. While at the same time, you can't help but reminisce in the thoughts of those before you who were there in the prime of it all. It's one thing to read about it and another is to experience it -- well, kinda!

I was told this text said ¨Do not pee¨ I thought it was an interesting looking sign... 

The weather was perfect, as it painted a real scenario of what men/soldiers endured during a winter season. My winter ¨experience¨must be sweet and beautiful compared to the storms and real conditions the men were exposed to back then. It was rather humbling and awe inspiring. The white blanket that covered the wall made it mystical and magical... it seemed like it whispered into my ear and into my soul.

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  1. LOVE photos of Great Wall!!! I've been in China for 4 years and have never seen it...what a shame!!!