Call to Action

Social responsibility is not exclusive to government or organizations alone. It also applies to individuals in the sense that they too have the responsibility to bring to light issues /concerns which affect the well being of others. I´d like to think we are moving toward a society where we care enough to take action. Action leads to change.

Moving Design is calling artists and designers to action! Each year they focus on an issue and bring their creative juices together to formulate solutions. They use creativity as a catalyst for change, to move their community to action. The coalition engages, informs, and activates the public.

This year´s call to action is An Intervention on Bike Safety (specifically targeted for Chicago´s Logan Square). The goal is to make this a model for other communities where bikers and pedestrians RULE!

                                         Stay tuned for progress on the project.

           Moving Design Summer 2011 from thirst / a design collaborative on Vimeo.


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