Summer desserts are the best! One of my all time favorites is a Korean ice cream masterpiece called Patbingsu. It´s a wild, creative dish that just makes me happy, and to say the word is delightful... PATBINGSU! :) hehe

Korean summers are hot, humid, rainy, and HOT! It´s only natural that something as sweet and delicious as patbingsu is considered a summer snack must. So why so much love for this snack? Let me break it down for you:  

Main Ingredients:
  • shaved ice (not crushed, important because it adds to the texture)
  • red beans (basically boiled red beans cooked with sugar)
  • milk
  • fruit (no limitations, it´s all game)
  • Optional: scoop of ice cream

Although it may look like the ingredients don´t go well together (beans and ice cream combo?!?! really?), I tell you it just works. Aside from the ingredients, the way the dessert is put together is quite lovely.

Here are some samples of the ones I´ve personally eaten, haha!

Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean

Fruitilicious, strawberry, grapes, & banana 

If you have the chance to give this treat a try, I recommend it. :)

Happy Week Ahead!

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  1. Delicious photos! Might be making a trip to Koreatown, here in NYC, to sample some Patbingsu. I adore Korean food. YUM...