The Danish Design DNA

The Danes have an immaculate taste for design characterized by sophistication, modesty, functionality, and simplicity. Their creativity and innovative techniques have always impressed me. So when news of the Vision of the DANISH DESIGN 2020 Committee came my way, I knew it had the words innovation, sustainability, and creativity all over it!

What is the focus of the initiative? The Danish government expects design to become an even more powerful driver of innovation in the future. It seeks to use design as a means to contribute to growth, productivity, and innovation. The ultimate vision of the committee is for Denmark to be known worldwide as the design society.

More clearly defined, a ¨design society¨ is one in which people, from all levels and in a responsible way, integrate the use of design to improve quality of people´s lives, create economic value for business, and make the public sector better and more efficient. Design to improve life...that´s forward thinking!

This is taking design to a new level-- a mind shift from product creation to part of a knowledge-intensive field characterized by innovation, multidisciplinary, and strategic processes. Simply put, design is a tool for the realization of innovation, a total competitive advantage.

From the standpoint of nation branding, this proposal has a great potential in positioning Denmark to where it wants to be.

I wish success to the committee, for the path of an innovator is always an adventure full of exciting challenges!

Danish Design = Delicious. Literally speaking!

Pictures from my first visit to Copenhagen, enjoy! :)

Visit to a Danish Bakery... yummy

Divine Flavors!