Sweet Socks

When I first visited Seoul, I was not only impressed with it´s delicious food (see Patbingsu) but also with it´s design scene. Most westerners are unfamiliar with Korean design, but it is also true that the export of Korean design has not been well established nor developed... at least that has been my personal experience. I hope young Korean designers obtain the opportunity to showcase their talent in a larger scale.

In the meantime, Korean Design can be many things: fun, colorful, simple, elegant, innovative, and even quirky.

One example that testifies to Korean design are my awesome SOCKS.

Not your typical socks. Cute socks for grown ups, because we all need some sweetness on our feet.



  1. i love you for that post! i lived in seoul for a while and i was obsessed with the socks there! i think i have about a thousand hello kitty and panda socks, haha.

  2. madeleine, very late response but very much appreciated! :) i love seoul... and can def relate to the obsession, just didn't bring back enough socks haha! p.s. love your blog!